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FuelBox RISK AND COLLABORATION (avialable from mid May 2019)

FuelBox RISK AND COLLABORATION has been especially designed for employees working in an environment where understanding and managing risk and change is an important part of the working day. FuelBox RISK AND COLLABORATION focuses on issues that are critical in order to create a common culture and understanding of risk and to improve collaboration between new and existing teams, as well as in projects and in risk exposed organisations that are continuously changing.

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What does risk mean to you?
What does good behavior look like in our workplace?
What barriers stand in the way of achieving even better HSE in our workplace?
How do we clarify expectations for each other
How do you demonstrate that you care about the safety of your employees/colleagues?
How do you manage risk at home as opposed to work?
How may financial targets come into conflict with HSE in our workplace?
In which areas do we need more innovation to achieve our safety and security objectives?
"What you ignore, you accept" – what do you think about that?
What can create engagement and trust in a project, or for a task, from start to finish?
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