FuelBox INNOVATION (english version)
FuelBox INNOVATION sparks conversations to challenge status quo and explore new possibilities in an organisation. Great conversations also promote team spirit, collaboration and ownership.

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Vekt 0,55 kg
Dimensjoner 10 × 10 × 10 cm
What changes would we implement tomorrow if we had the necessary resources?
What can our management do to promote even more innovation in our organisation?
How can we inspire loyalty among our clients/customers in a new way?
Which trends do we see on the horizon that might challenge us and the products/services we supply?
What do you do in particular when you get a good idea?
Who in your network outside our organisation can we learn from?
How can we market ourselves better via our clients/customers and their networks?
Which company is entirely different to us, and how can we learn from them?
How do you think our clients would describe us?
Which new markets should we be looking into in more detail?
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